Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tackling My Fear and Loathing of Islam

After two and a half months of mission work in SE Missouri, I am ready to tackle, head on, my fears about Islam.  I'm currently reading Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics.  While I seriously considered posted this at my mission blog, Annie Go Lightly, in the end, I considered it too personal at this point to discuss openly.

This blog isn't private but it also gets no traffic.  Granted, I haven't posted since October of 2013 but nevertheless, it was not visited even then.  The post also seems to more properly fit into the context of the theme of the blog, my perceived vision of the collision between the counter cultural waters of religious conservatism and society today.

From here on, what appears is strictly stream of consciousness writing.  I have been wrestling like Jacob with an angel for two years now and after my time in Missouri,  I am ready to face my fear, loathing, and distrust head-on.  If I am called to love and trust in God, no exceptions, then there has to be a way out of this morass.
  • My fear of Islam's power and influence on the world and how the world will appear in the future, how it will effect my children and my children's children
  • My awareness that Islam is no respecter of art representations of God and His prophets in any religious context.  Afghanistan's great buddha's (1500 years old in 2001) are a clear modern example of this.
  • Knowledge of Islam's exposure to heretical Christian beliefs that warped "believers" and made them vulnerable to the forces of Muslim believers in what is now modern day Saudi Arabia.  Arians, Monophysites, and Nestorians all existed side by side then, with incomplete understanding of Christ's teaching and held heretical views.  This incomplete knowledge led to Mohammad's own lack of understanding of true Christianity.  Hence, one of the many reason for the severe errors of Islam.
  • Consider the challenge to Christians to resist Islam's growing numbers throughout the world.  
  • What will happen when non-Arab Muslims finally "get" that they are not full and equal believers and never will be because only the Arabic language in the Koran can contain the pure revelation of Allah.  Not speaking and understanding Arabic makes the majority of Muslim believers second class believers.  This will not go over well when it is finally understood.
  • Islam wants the high numbers (convert, have lots of babies) but Arabs claim exclusive and complete knowledge only to their small group.
  • The more I read, the more I come to believe that Islam itself is a heresy, a corrupt version of Christianity.  Corrupt and deeply flawed.
  • Read more of Pope Emeritus Benedict and his writing (and its meaning and implications) of his suggestion of having a smaller but purer church in the future.
To Be Continued


  1. Hey, you have your appetizer, entrée and dessert all on one plate! I wondered, often, what you would bring back with you from MO. This is interesting.
    AND, I believe you might just be right, in the last item. Smaller and purer. Thanks for the heads up, Anne.

  2. Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton held that Islam was a Christian heresy. Unlike other Christian heresies, however, it came from without not within. Hence, why they did not call it Islam, but Muhammadanism.

    1. I had no idea, Quanah. Thanks for the validation of my insight from two such fine sources.